Fairy tail 413 manga

fairy tail 413 manga

He mentions that the book belongs to him, thus should keep it. Igneel mentions that Skiadrum, Metalicana and Grandeeney are all alive. They have all been inside them sealed by a spell.

Igneel mentions that there are reason they had to do that, one was to prevent them turning into a dragon like Acnologia. Gray has the book, Natsu wants the book too. Both Acnologia and Igneel battle each other with massive waves of power. Acnologia is told that his mission is done as his fear for END is no more. Then is told to leave humans alone.

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Acnologia mentions that his desire is the destruction of everything. Gray looks at his hands when the book is missing. Zeref has showed up! Fairy Tail ends here. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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[FAIRY TAIL COMIC DUB] (Gray \u0026 Juvia Spa Date Comic) By Hiro Mashima

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Firepower Start date Jan 25, Strongest member of Fairy Tail Natsu Votes: 56 Lucy Votes: 3 2.

Erza Votes: 6 5. Gray Votes: 5 4. Gildarts Votes: 24 Laxus Votes: 9 8. Mirajane Votes: 3 2. Gajeel Votes: 1 0. Wendy Votes: 6 5. Other Votes: 0 0. Total voters Prev 1 … Go to page. Go to page. First Prev of Go to page. Axiomus said:.

fairy tail 413 manga

Wall is not country level. Just because Wall can use Etherion doesn't mean that his etherion is as strong as the councils. Elie from Rave Master could use Etherion as well. She wasn't country level in her own series, and Etherion was way more powerful in that series. Wall isn't even stronger than Laxus, who himself is arguably only mountain level.

The Parent Dragons is way above mountain level. A single roar from Mothergrea was mountain level.On their journey, they are tasked with completing missions requested by people and collect money for rewards, such as hunting monsters and fighting illegal guilds called dark guilds. It was released with the launch of Monthly Fairy Tail Magazine on July 17,[] and ended in the magazine's final issue published on July 17, The Fairy Tail anime television series included an adaptation of Fairy Tail Zero in its eighth seasonwith its episodes airing from January 9 to March 12, It was first launched on Magazine Pocket on July 26,[] [] and ended publication on April 2, It was first launched on Magazine Pocket on October 26,[] and ended on November 22, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Redirected from Lists of Fairy Tail chapters. Main article: List of Fairy Tail chapters volumes 1— Main article: List of Fairy Tail chapters volumes 16— Main article: List of Fairy Tail chapters volumes 31— Main article: List of Fairy Tail chapters volumes 46— Main article: Fairy Tail Zero. Main article: Fairy Tail: Years Quest.

Dori Dorin vs. Fairy Cherry Blossom Viewing. So although the word "wizard" is used in the original dialogue, a Japanese reader would be likely to think not of traditional Western wizards such as Merlin or Gandalf, but of martial artists. Archived from the original on September 17, Retrieved July 7, Retrieved August 17, Anime News Network.

June 26, Retrieved September 9, The Inquisitr. July 20, Retrieved July 20, Star Comics. Archived from the original on October 19, Retrieved April 9, Archived from the original on August 14, Norma Editorial. Random House. Archived from the original on July 17, Archived from the original on July 12, Retrieved November 22, Archived from the original on September 28, Retrieved June 19, After the guild has defeated Zeref, a new adventure awaits her.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. When will I be able to read it? Can someone please Answer me. I know Erza and Jalal love each other. But whenever i see them together i always feel uneasy. I mean i feel this should not happen. Though Jalal might have changed but he was once the main villain.

Fairy Tail Chapter 413 Discussion

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Chapter 413

Your Rating. Mashima Hiro. Read First Read Last. Show more. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Aman Kumar Agarwal. Daniel Ferg. Chapter 1 day ago. Martial Peak Chapter 22 hours ago. Chapter 2 days ago. Chapter The Beginning After the End Chapter 78 1 day ago. Chapter 77 Rooftop Sword Master. Chapter 39 Chapter Kuro no Shoukanshi. Chapter 56 Chapter Spare Me, Great Lord! Soul Land 4 — The Ultimate Combat. Chapter Chapter The Dragons return hope to the humans by annihilating Face.

As the Fairy Tail members rejoice, Igneel tries to explain the Dragons' reasons for hiding inside the Dragon Slayers only to be interrupted by a revived Acnologiaand the two ascend again to battle. Meanwhile, Gray and Natsu continue their dispute over the Book of E. All the members of Fairy Tail cheer and heave sighs of relief as the Dragons obliterate Face from the face of the continent, reflected in the Face Control Panel showing that the signal to Face had been lost.

Igneel triumphantly exclaims that the revival of E. Even as Sting wonders how Weisslogia could be alive, Igneel explains that the Dragons had been sleeping inside their foster sons and had been released when the Slayers' hearts had begun to throb earlier during Acnologia's arrival.

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Igneel elaborates that they had sealed themselves inside their wards for two reasons; the first being to prevent their transformation into Dragons, which had happened to Acnologia. But, before he can expand on the second, Acnologia suddenly regains his fighting spirit and breaks free from under Igneel.

fairy tail 413 manga

Telling Natsu to get E. Gray picks up the book and tells Natsu that he had made a promise that he would destroy it no matter what, while Natsu just glares at him. Meanwhile, high above them, Igneel and Acnologia continue to clash. Igneel tells his opponent to leave the humans alone as the E. As Gray and Natsu continue their silent face off, Rogue and Sting despair at the situation. Suddenly, the Book disappears from Gray's hands through no action from either him or Natsu.

A voice says that it has reclaimed its property and the four Mages look towards its source and behold Zeref, who says that the Book is very precious to him.

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fairy tail 413 manga

Categories :. Zeref retrieves what is his.Celebrating the anniversary of the th day of meeting Gray FullbusterJuvia Lockser spreads her joy until Erza Scarlet suggests that she should give Gray a present to commemorate the day.

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In a cheerful mood, Juvia wakes up and prepares for her day within her Gray-adorned room. Departing her place of residence with a parting kiss to her Gray plushie, she encounters Erza, Wendy and Carla, seeing her in a splendid mood.

After Juvia reveals that today is the anniversary of the th day since meeting Gray, Carla mentions that it is an odd day to have an anniversary.

When Erza inquires Juvia about how she means to celebrate the occasion, the Water Mage states that simply having a splendid day will suffice. However, Erza insists that giving Gray a present would truly commemorate the occasion, a statement that spontaneously flares Juvia's imagination.

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Astonished, Juvia rubs her eyes only to see Lucy berating Natsu and Happy. Realizing that it was a hallucination, Juvia glances towards Gajeel and Levy, whom are embracing each other while sharing a passionate kiss. Alarming Juvia even further, she realizes that the two are actually sitting on opposite sides of the table, with Juvia concluding that she has too much love in her head, making her delusional.

Heading outside, Juvia spots Gray leisurely sitting outside. As she presents the hand-knit scarf she made for him, Gray quickly departs. Despite her insisting that he needs to wear it, Gray mentions that he is an Ice Mage and isn't bothered by the cold, shocking Juvia. Falling to her knees, Juvia mutters that today is their anniversary, and that he doesn't have to necessarily wear the scarf but just to remember their th day anniversary.

Denying the token, Gray walks away, leaving Juvia behind. Cuddled up by the river, Juvia sheds tears until Erza walks by. After Erza notices that her sadness is out of her character, Juvia gushes out more tears, telling her that she should have known that today was also the anniversary of Ur 's passing, a fact she found out through Lyon. When Erza apologizes for pushing Juvia into the situation, the latter insists it is her fault and no one elses. Conversing on, Erza goes on to tell Juvia that a day is nothing more than just a day and that it all depends on how one feels towards it that truly matters.

After sharing the statement, Erza cuddles next to Juvia and consoles her while Juvia continues to sob. Walking down the streets of Magnolia, Gray recollects a time when Ur had given him a scarf to help him keep warm.

Heading back to where Juvia had encountered him, Gray finds the scarf Juvia had been meaning to give him buried underneath a layer of snow. Putting it on and realizing how it is quite warm, Erza also walks by and notices Gray wearing Juvia's present. The next day, back at the Guild, Juvia apologizes to Gray, only for Gray to also apologize back.

Subsequently, Juvia takes out a Juvia Dakimakura and gives it to Gray as an additional present, astonishing Gray. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Juvia's hallucination.Hide Ads Login Sign Up.

Forum Settings Forums. Fairy Tail. Fairy Tail Chapter Discuss Manga Series Discussion. Title Discussion. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Available on Manga Store. How could they transform into a dragon though when they were never able to beat one at least. So in the end magic didn't disappeared Natsu VS Gray fi. Wasn't expecting Zeref to show up and steal the book tho.

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Next chapter probably E. And I have read somewhere that next chapter is going to be out around January 7th in Japan, and around 12th on the internet, mainly because this being again double issue and and another week after next is holiday break, so Too short The chapter was too damn short!!

Zeref comes to ruin the party. Wonder if he'll actually do anything Zeref made his appearance!!!! First everyone powered up, then dragons, then Lumen Historia was revealed, and now Zeref Sometimes the things that matter the most are right in front of you.

So short! Still the ending was pretty hype! Well first of all, f u Acnologia f u, dam you for interrupting Igneel, could you have waited a few more seconds. I guess Face activating is what effect which is what I expected.

I do think now that their job of destroying Faces are done, I expect all of the dragons to gang up on Igneel and he will make a retreat. Acnologia maybe be able to take on Igneel, but he can't take them all on, I wouldn't think.

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