Hugot lines sa research

Are you a PEPster based abroad? Are you a showbiz fan? Just like in the past, romantic movies remained blockbuster hits among Filipino moviegoers in More than 25 romantic flicks were produced last year, some them bearing elements of drama, comedy, and even horror. Meanwhile, Jodi Sta. Characters from romantic movies often deliver dialogue that often tug at the heartstrings of viewers. Some of them even become unforgettable lines from Pinoy movies.

Read: 10 Famous Lines from Filipino Movies Here are some of the most memorable hugot lines from movies:. Mahalin mo ako dahil mahal mo ako because that is what I deserve. Hindi ka handa para sa mga mangyayari pagkatapos ng happily ever after.

Just be careful with them, hindi lahat ng puso kasing tibay ng sa 'kin. Relationship pa kaya? Ipapatumba ko talaga yun, e! MariaThe Achy Breaky Hearts. Read: 10 love lessons from Jodi Sta. Maria's hugot quotes in The Achy Breaky Hearts.

Read: Pinoy movie moms who are scene-stealers. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on PEP. By continued use, you agree to our privacy policy and accept our use of such cookies. Find out more here. Guide Movies. Nadine Lustre, Maine Mendoza, and Kathryn Bernardo delivered some of the most memorable movie hugot lines in The country's leading love teams released blockbuster hits one after another.

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Having a love triangle remained a favorite topic for some chick flicks. Read Next. Read More Stories About. Post a Comment. Latest Stories. Trending in Summit Media Network. Follow us for updates. Sorry, no results found for. Featured Searches:. This article was created by.To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Michelle Sencil.

Leanly Arias. Thus, the objective of this study is to identify the linguistic functions of the extracted hugot lines in the selected Philippine films and how these reflect the existing Filipino identities through identifying various registeral characteristics particularly its prosodic phonological features given in a particular context and situation as represented in the films.

It has been found out that Hugot is a social construct that are casually used in the Philippines. The researchers were able to identify the various registers of the extracted hugot lines: the functions and prosodic phonological characteristics of hugot in the Philippine context given a particular context and situation provided by the films.

In addition, through contextual approach, the researchers were able to identify the existing Filipino identities, which have influenced the emergence of hugot in the Philippine context such as being compassionate, regretful, defensive and sentimental, contended, hopeful and others — details of which will be expanded on at length further on.

I would like to thank my Papa and Mama, Marvelio and Vilma Luzana— two great persons who are always there to guide and support me unconditionally. I know that I am not a perfect daughter but I hope I made you proud. I would also want to acknowledge my biological father, Jerry Sencil, for the financial and moral support.

To my wonderful brothers, Marlon and Mar Luzana; their wives Heide and Janice; and especially to my nephew, Sean Dhen Mharlz, for always inspiring me to reach higher dreams and ideals in life. Also to my sisters by heart in Saint Therese of Liseiux Dormitory 2, my gentle light in dark times, especially to Jazmine De la Cruz, Jean August Rule, Katrina Bautista and Hailyn Badiang for always listening to my countless stories and for always motivating and reminding me to write my thesis instead of mourning for my lost valentine.

I would like to thank Leanly Arias, my ever loving and supportive partner with her cherub smile and positive attitude, for making this research a success.

To our thesis adviser, Professor Rosemarie B. Purganan who continually believed in us, that we can make this thesis and for always been on our side guiding and supporting us.

hugot lines sa research

To Prof. Nancy Echavez, Prof. We are also deeply thankful to our panel members, Prof. Michelle Jean C. Caracut and Prof. Venus R. Parmisana for enriching our paper. Their expertise and valuable insights, and suggestions and productive critics brought this work into completion. I would also like to thank my CCCM family for always motivating and guiding me all throughout the struggles of this paper from the beginning until the end. Lastly, I would also like to extend my thanksgiving to my friends, including BLOCK 81 for becoming my advisers in either finding light in the dark.

Thank you for being thoughtful, honest and sweet at all times. Love, Michelle M. They were the ones who believed in my abilities and they serve as the source of my strength in everything I do.

"Hugot Lines": Lunsaran sa Pagtuturo ng Tula

To my friends who are like a family to me, my EinsWell and Block81 family, I thank you for making the best out of me and for finding time to have fun despite our busy schedules. Thank you for always making me laugh and for giving me the chance to be your friend. I also thank Javahar Ramesch H. Espejo, for his undying love, moral support, and for always being there in times of my frustrations in life.

Thank you for always cheering me up and for being my number 1 fan. Thank you, Peng!

hugot lines sa research

Also, to my thesis partner, Ms.MANILA, Philippines — The popularity of "hugot" lines makes it clear that we should never underestimate the power of mainstream media and creativity. Linya-Linya, the witty and hugot-filled retail brand of word play and illustrations, started as a humor Facebook page that gained traction on social media. Its drive as a retail brand started in when the group YabangPinoy turned the brand's kalokohan i nto T-shirts while giving it a spot at every organized Global Pinoy Bazaar.

Sangalang reminisced how the brand evolved from simple banters to actual products and now a venue for people to visit and enjoy his lines. Ultimately, we want to Linyafy the world! The brand launched its online store on August The success in cyberspace sprouted its first physical store at U.

hugot lines sa research

Town Center on November last year followed by a second shop at Market! With your meaningful insights, help shape the stories that can shape the country. Sign up now! Philstar Global Corp. All Rights Reserved. My Profile Sign Out. Fashion and Beauty. How a 'hugot lines' page paved a way for a retail business.

LIST: 4 tips for stronger immunity this LIST: 3 things investors need to consider in the time of global health crisis. Globe donates preloaded mobile phones to frontliners.

Want to win P9 billion playing Powerball? How to stay healthy by choosing what FillsGood. Retail warriors share stories of resilience. Access free e-learning for children during enhanced community quarantine. By Jan Milo Severo 1 day ago.

Kapamilya TV host Korina Sanchez gave an advice for people who are afraid to become 50 years old. By Millet M. Mananquil 2 days ago.

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Superheroes wear one. By Jan Milo Severo 9 days ago. By Monique Toda 9 days ago. One of the ways to cope with the ongoing crisis when it gets too intense or emotionally draining is to escape.

SM Foundation Inc. One US senator said the incident is "deeply concerning," while another called it a "flagrant violation of international One US senator said the incident is "deeply concerning," while another called it a "flagrant violation of international law. Daily Bread. Able to help.In Tagalog, ito ang mga hugot lines sa pag-ibig, trabaho at travel. Here are just some of it. Please note that I do not own these hugot linesso I am giving proper credit to the owners. This is our favorite part.

Why are you doing that? Am I still not enough? What do you think of of us? Things that you can just collect and then select which is best for you? Oh my! Why are we so hopeful that we will be loved back? Nangaliwa or pangangaliwa has a different meaning for the Filipino language. Sorry, you left her remember? So hanggang tingin ka nalang. This is for your friend who keeps on complaining of having no love life, but you know the reason why right?

Choosy kasi siya. Yung mga pwede na, laman tiyan din, pero ayaw pa rin nya. This is just a simple way of saying, Nasayo na ang lahat. The best feeling of being in love. She is a traveler, and she is user-friendly. For the sake of fairness, He is a traveler, and he is a user-friendly.

"Hugot Lines": Lunsaran sa Pagtuturo ng Tula

This is you, having enough courage to talk to your crush. I hope your crush gets the message. This is just in preparation for the next part of this hugot series. Hugot about work. Wag maharot. Funny right? This is just a simple reminder to those who easily gets attached to someone and even to the extent of falling in love. Another funny hugot line for mountaineers, perfect to those who are hopelessly waiting for forever.

You know limatikthat small creature that sticks to your skin and even sucks blood.Many times in my life, I tried to solve things that I know that I am not able but wanted an answer so bad that I created my own formula to get the answer. Guess what. I could have solved it if I gave it more time and gave the problem more thought but because I was rushing things, it got more complicated than it actually is.

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I remember how I answered most of my Math quizzes this past semester. The moment I saw those numbers in my paper I knew that I was doomed. But what did I do? I created my own formulas and tried getting an answer.

At those moments, any answer, as in any answer will suffice. I was satisfied with any answer. Then the time I get my paper back, I will feel devastated that my answers were wrong.

Thesis Hugot Story

Then it hit me. It was never the problems in my paper that mattered. It was the way I answered those. My point is, if I studied hard enough and actually understand how things work then I might actually get the right answers. Just like in life. If we looked at our problems as an opportunity for us to be better and actually gave effort to know how to solve those, then everything will fall to their respective places. Even under stress and in heightened levels of emotion, you just have to hold it off until you know you can solve it.

Hi Vanessa! I was bored. Go ahead and check her blog out. What if kung pagkatapos kong kumain sa umaga, nakaligo at naghintay sa sakayan ng masasakyan, tapos pag sakay ko sa loob, nagbayad ako at natulog, nagising na sa LRT, sumakay ng tren at nakarating ng Legarda. What if? I tried turning the negative into positive but it is not easy as it sounds. My hope now is the square root of a negative one. I never thought that college will take its toll on my life.

Well, it should be expected, but I under estimated everything. I want to give up so bad. I want to let go of everything. I badly need someone. I guess this is the worst part of being ebullient. I badly need consolation. I need a hug, I need some physical touch. Please, give me a reason to hold on. He was 10 years old back then. He was cute as everyone else on his age. He was quite ordinary until you hear him talk. This friend of mine, at 5th grade, thinks like a person 10 years older than him.If you're an avid user of social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, then there is a huge chance that you have read a post with a "hugot" line or two.

Hugot lines love are catchy and clever phrases that come from deep sentimental emotions, usually pertaining to love and friendships.

What are the best hugot lines to make you fall in love? The quick emergence of hugot in our culture can perhaps be attributed to the classic romantic drama films that Filipinos are so fond of binging. Of course, who can forget the recent "Hello, Love, Goodbye" for bringing us the most relatable hugot to make us cry our hearts out?

In one hand, they are brief phrases and catchlines that are written with a deeply-rooted emotion typically the result of a broken heart or another kind of problematic or inconvenient situation. On the other hand, hugot lines are simply dramatic quotes taken from movies, music, or quotes by popular people. On the rise of Filipino cyber pop culture, creative hugot lines found their place in social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

In these platforms, the users' hugot quotes can be spun from almost anything unrelated. Here's an example of a hugot lines tagalog:. Yung kaya akong ipaglaban". The kind that's strong enough to fight for me. During the early period of their trend, the creation "hugot lines love life" was a competition of quick wits and creativity between friends in social networks to see who can turn the most unrelated subject into something melancholic and overly sentimental.

Here's an example of a cleverly hilarious hugot tagalog about a Halloween costume. It's commitment. That scares you, doesn't it? As you can see, the early versions of hugot lines begin as a seemingly normal statement then takes an overdramatic turn, such as this one:. Siyempre hindi. Manhid ka kasi. Of course not. Because you are emotionally numb.

Needless to say, hugot lines drawn from popular movies and music made a major contribution to the spearheading of this trend. Almost everyone you ask knows about the classic film hugot lines such as:.

You had me at my best. Pero binaliwala mo ang lahat But you took what we had for granted O kailangan mo ako kaya mahal mo ako? Or do you need me because you love me? We, Filipinos, just do not seem to have enough feelings bottled up and make a hugot about. After all, hugot is the root word for the phrase "may pinaghuhugutan" which means "drawing emotions from a struggle". The definition of what hugot is has changed drastically over the past few years.

Writing hugot used to be a craft that utilized quick wits and sharp humor. Fortunately, today, it is a much simpler task that only requires writing about sadness and heartbreak. For most of the time, the words hugot and quotes can be used interchangeably because of how synonymous they seem. In social media, just write about anything that correlates to nostalgia and loneliness and use a background with sad aesthetics and warm, orange-ish tone.

Here's an example:. You can also write hugot lines love life tagalog quotes in plain text.Forgot your password? Remember me? Ready your hearts for these. Spoken word poetry has made its way into the hearts of many Filipinos, and the increasing number of restaurants and events hosting open mic and poetry slams is proof of that.

Even On the Wings of Love features poetry sessions that are relative to the feelings of the characters. Here are 10 spoken word poetry pieces by Pinoys with major hugot. His heartfelt delivery will keep you glued to your seat and reaching for some tissue.

But like coffee, it gets cold after a while. Ouch, right? Also, the love of his life likes tea over coffee. Haven't we all been there? It's not what you're thinking. She speaks about different subjects where one must put themselves first.

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She calls out to those who have been cheated on, those who are stuck in mid-life crisis, or those who are just really paranoid. Pakiramdam ko kasalanan ko. Palagi ko namang kasalanan eh.

Refresh your knowledge of geometry—isosceles is a triangle with two equal sides, like the love triangle Angel Cruz describes in "Isosceles. This poem is for those who feel like they are in life's purgatory—for those who are still stuck somewhere, wondering where their place is in their lover's life.

Zuela Herrera and Sherina Inza-Cruz share a conversation between two people, where one downplays her love while the other is thankful for whatever she can get.

Tagalog Quotes for Broken Hearted

There is a painful twist in the end, though—the former finally professes her love, while the other, her love for someone else. Ang mga tauhan: Nagmamahal at Mas Nagmamahal. Abby Orbeta playfully enumerates the different memories she wants to forget through something we're all familiar with—taking shots of alcohol. She put together her humor, dark fantasies, and heartaches in "Cheers to Forgetting. Louise Meets talks about how it feels to be left while your only choice chooses another.

She questions why she wasn't enough, while she was the one who was there. Dayuhan means foreigner in English, and that's what her lover has become. Can you relate? Let's end this list with an encouraging piece. It seems heavy at first, but halfway through the poem, Mark shifts the mood to a hopeful one. The piece encourages us not to let heartbreak cause us to give up on love. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on Spot. By continued use, you agree to our privacy policy and accept our use of such cookies.

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